Monday, September 21, 2015

Stitching results

Lady - September 13th
This week I can say that I finally found a little bit of time to sit and stitch and that made me extremely happy. Of course I have to admit that a lot of the stitching was actually accomplished on Sunday. I had some of the outline on the face done prior to Sunday but the lower part was basically worked on Sunday during the day.
Lady - September 18th
I had said that I would love a day where all I did was sit and stitch and do things like that so yesterday that is what I did. I have wanted a day like yesterday for a while but of course the other demands of life got in the way and I didn't get a day like that for a while.  So yesterday I curled up and watched baseball games and stitched.
Lady - September 20th

I was very surprised when I looked at the piece last night and realized how much stitching I had really accomplished during the day. I think just sitting and doing helped me see that yes I can get stitching done when I have the time to just sit and do it.  Over the last few months I have been fitting stitching into a rather busy schedule so that is why progress has been a lot slower on the various projects.

I am really hoping that now that the weather is a little cooler I will be able to find a bit more time to stitch. Well, the stitching is going to be fit in between a lot of other projects again for a while as of course I found something else that I have tried and am enjoying it.
Clay yarn bowl

The bowl in the picture is from modeling clay and I did the actual bowl a couple of weeks ago.  I had to wait for the clay to dry and considering the humidity it did take longer to dry and then the decision of how I was going to paint it came next.  Finally yesterday I was able to put the flower in the middle of the bowl and then put the glaze on it.  I now have a yarn bowl that I am going to be trying out.

With the clay I also made two other bowls but they aren't quite finished yet so I will take a picture of them when they are completed.

I am enjoying all the various crafts that I am doing and now it is just finding the time to do the things that I really enjoy.  Work of course is always the top priority but the evenings am going to be when I try and fit in the crafting that I want to do.

Speaking of work, I better get moving so that I can get a few things accomplished today so that this evening I can work on a project.  The project will probably be stitching of some sort today as there is a baseball game on that I would like to watch.

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Heather said...

Very nice stitching. She is coming along pretty quickly.

And how clever to make your own yarn bowl. I think they are pretty, but for the way I knit they aren't very practical. I drag my knitting all over the place! Still, I can appreciate the prettiness of a yarn bowl.