Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Currently no progress on crafts

Well after organizing my office area and getting the chair in so that I can have a spot to hide and stitch we decided to reorganize a lot of the apartment.

I have been spending a lot of my free time when not working on cleaning out old craft supplies and yarn that I don't want to use any longer.  The good news is I am making room but it won't be for more yarn at this point.  I have decided that I am only going to be keeping the yarn that I will see myself using instead of keeping yarn that I may never use.

Now as for cross-stitching I am finding bits of time to do that but again there isn't anything to show.  I hope that after getting the apartment organized I will be able to just relax and do quite a bit of the crafts that I love doing.  I am looking forward to after all of this cleaning up to be able to get back to designing and stitching on projects that I love. 

So as for now I am going to have to get back to getting some work done and then this evening maybe I will find a little bit of time to craft.

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