Monday, March 30, 2015

Back to stitching

Schlock with dice - original picture
Finally I am able to say that I have finished stitching the pieces for the Art Show and am back to stitching and having some fun. 

The project that I am now working on is based on a character in an online comic that my husband follows.  The comic is Schlock Mercenary by Howard Tayler and this is one of his main characters.  I was looking for something that would be quick to stitch but once again something that I was designing.  So we found this pin that Howard had sold at a convention and I immediately thought that it was something that I could use as a starting point for my stitching.

Schlock with dice my version
What I did do was add some shading in various spots so it gave it a bit more character and then started stitching this piece.  I started this project on March 26th and am happy with the progress that I have made so far.  As you can tell there aren't a lot of colours on this piece so it is going quickly.  Yes there are more colours than in the original pin but still only 18 so that makes me happy.

I know that I have a lot of other designs that I should be working on but having something that is less than 5 inches square to work on is great.  Of course right now it means that this is getting all my stitching attention and the other projects are sitting waiting for their turn.  I know that just having a bit of a chance will help me feel better so I will be picking up some of the other projects again very soon.

As for the pieces for the Art Show they are currently being stretched and then I will frame them and they will be ready to go.  I will take a picture of the pieces before they are submitted but first I need to get all the pieces into frames and ready to go.  Now to finish up that framing and onto the other two.

It is now time for me to get some work done today and then I will see how much stitching time I have this evening.  I do now that I need to get the stretching done as well so maybe one night this week I will focus on that.  As for now work needs to be done and stitching will have to wait.

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