Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Office area at home

Office area - 2 chairs
This last little while we have been working on trying to figure out a way that I could have a visitors chair in my office area but also one that I could use for crafting, writing or reading.

Yesterday we spent a bit of time re-organizing things in my office area and now I have an extra chair in my office area and it is where I hope to spend some time doing my crafting when I am not sitting/curled-up on the chesterfield.

Chair for visitors/crafting
Yes, the chair also have a purpose of a visitor chair in my office area but hopefully the main purpose is going to be where I can relax when I need to walk away from the computer for a few minutes.  To achieve this arrangement it meant getting a new desk chair which wasn't too hard.  The chair I got for my desk has a higher back so that it should be a bit more comfortable for the hours that I spend at my desk.

Besides the chair there is a little table to the left of the chair that I can use for holding my pattern, tea and even some paper for writing.  The box that is under the table is going to hold craft projects so that I always have some close by when I want to craft.

I haven't had a chance to try out the new arrangement but hope that at some point today I will be able to sit in my former desk chair and maybe do just a little bit of crafting.  Before I can do the crafting I have to finish up a couple of things that I need to get completed.

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