Monday, January 19, 2015

Progress this week

This week I was able to put a few stitches into two of the projects that I started last weekend.  Of course, I didn't get much of either of them done because of other things that came up last week.  Also I am working on a couple of other projects that I cannot show right now.

I was able to start working on the sun on the blackbird and started to see some progress on that area very quickly.  I hope that this week I will be able to do a bit more work on this project but it will depend on how things go.

Omi's Rose - Jan 11th
Omi's Rose is another project that saw a little bit of time this week which was great. No it didn't see as much time as I would have liked to spend on it.  I am still not sure if I like the colouring of this rose but am going to continue working on it.  I think part of it is I am working on the very center of the rose and of course it is darker than the rest of the rose.

Omi's Rose - Jan 18th
Currently I am dealing with a work issue that is taking quite a bit of my time and energy so that is one of the reasons why stitching hasn't been getting done this week.  Another reason is I am working on a couple of projects that I have to keep secret right now.  One of them will be able to be seen at a later date and the second one will depend on how it goes.

This week I am hoping to be able to find a bit of time to curl up and do some stitching and will see what project gets the attention.  I am trying to do a bit of a rotation on the projects right now so that they both get some progress.

Stitching is still my escape when I need even just a little bit of time to relax.  Of course when things get really busy with work and life my stitching doesn't get as much attention as I would like.

Off to get some work done and then hopefully tonight something will find it's way into my hands and a few stitches will be done.

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