Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 in review and 2015 goals

It is that time of year where I look back at the goals that I set a year ago and see how I really did on reaching each of them.

2014 Goals and comments.
1.  Blog at least 4 times a month -- I had one month where I didn't reach the 4 blogs but overall I exceeded the 4 posts a month so am happy with this one.
2.  Complete 3 items for myself -- I did finish at least three things for myself this year which is something that is a major accomplishment because normally I focus on things for everyone else and I don't do things for me.
3.  Get stash to below 360 pounds -- Didn't get this goal done as I didn't do a lot of knitting or crocheting during the last half of the year.
4.  Start Cirque des Cercles on Jan 1/14 and finish it by Dec 31/14 -- Didn't get this finished and the reason for that is once I got the new program to assist me in designing cross-stitch.  I did designing instead so this project is sitting and maybe will see a bit of time in 2015.
5.  Get some of my craft items up onto Etsy and see if they sell -- Decided I don't have the time or energy for this.
6.  Complete 3 cross-stitch that I already have started -- Completed 3 cross-stitch but not ones that I had already started. 
7.  Spend more time writing both personally and professionally -- This was accomplished as I have been able to write a lot more in 2014.
For 2014 I am happy with what I accomplished from my goals and there were a few new things that got accomplished as well so now to see what happens in 2015.

2015 Goals 
1.  Blog at least 4 times a month
2.  Complete three capes for myself
3.  Get stash to below 360 pounds
4.  Stitch Blackbird design
5.  Complete 3 cross-stitch that I already have started
6.  Get craft items organized 
7.  Complete 2 Stitching Studio cross-stitch patterns

The goals that I have set for myself in 2015 are things that I would really like to get accomplished and hopefully I will be able to reach all of them.  The only one that I see as a big challenge is to get my stash below 360 pounds but I am going to really try to accomplish this one.

It is now time for me to to go and start working on some of these goals otherwise they aren't going to be accomplished.

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