Monday, June 16, 2014

Time to show

mystery stitching
 So I can finally show you what I have been working on for the last little while.  It has been a lot of fun working on both of these projects and last night there were given to someone.

The first one is a shawl that actually won't be given to the person it was made for until Friday but I can now show it as the person currently isn't on the internet too much.  Also I don't think this person reads my blog so that is also another reason why I can show it.

Shawl - completed
This shawl was a lot of fun to work on as I used fine yarn with sequins on it.  The final shawl is bigger than the pattern originally called for because I wanted it bigger.  The pattern was one that I got this spring at Knitter's Frolic so have now used one of the patterns from there.  The shawl has a button hole or loop made right into the shawl so that you can slide the other side of the shawl into it to keep it in place.

I hope that the person will enjoy it as I really enjoyed making it over the last month.

diagonal scarf - completed
Now the second item was received by the person last night and she was very excited when she got it.  I loved working on this scarf as it was simple garter stitch but increasing at one end of a row and decreasing at the other end made the scarf end up on a diagonal.  This project was quick to make up as the pattern said it would take 10 hours to do and I think I did it in just around 9 hours.  I have already started another scarf like this as I love how quick they work up and they are something that I can work on a bit at a time.  I also was able to get more of this yarn so have a couple of different scarves on the go right now.

I have also got back to working on my cross-stitch so that is making me feel good.  I hadn't really worked on any of those projects for almost a month so glad I was able to get back to working on them over the last couple of days.  Now to see how much of those I can get done over the next little while.  The update on the cross-stitch will be another post once I have something to really show.

Now it is time to get some work done so tonight I can spend relaxing and working on a project.

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