Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Gold bracelet almost completed
OK, I admit it that I am really enjoying making bracelets.  I had a bracelet almost finished on Sunday so sat down this morning and just had to finish it.

Yesterday on the way home from a client we stopped at Michael's so that I could pick up a couple of nice pliers so that I could work on the bracelet at some point this week and get it finished.

Gold bracelet finished this morning
So I was good last night and didn't sit down and finish it before going to bed but just had to sit down this morning and put the final links on it.  I had to wait for DH to get ready so figured I wouldn't waste the time just sitting around.  The new pliers are working out really good so will see what else I work on this week.

I wore my first bracelet out for dinner on Monday evening and a friend of mine asked if I could make her a bracelet but in the gold colour.  Of course, I said I would make one because I do enjoy making these.  I still want to make a gold and silver combination bracelet for myself and I think I will make another one like my first bracelet now that I have good pliers to use.

I am going to have to look at what other bracelet I can make because I want a few different types so that I can wear them depending on my mood.

So work is now calling me so better get back to it.

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