Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I went missing again

Well I haven't posted for the couple of weeks and that is because I haven't been crafting much.  One of the big reasons was I received a Jury summons a while ago and last week was my week to sit and wait and possibly be selected for Jury duty.  The good news is I wasn't selected but I was too tired once I was home each night to do much of anything.

My sock collection has grown a little bit but of course I forgot to take a picture of the new socks that I added this past weekend.  Maybe if I remember I will take a picture of the socks in the next few days.

Now to try and get back to doing all the crafting that I want to do.  Oh, I did go to the Spring Creativ Festival last Friday and picked up a couple of knitting kits and then Saturday when to the Knitter's Frolic and picked up another knitting kit.  The best part of these kits are these are items for myself and not for everyone else.

So now to get the work done that needs my attention today and then I am going to try and craft for a while tonight.

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