Monday, April 1, 2013

Dream Castle - continues

Dream Castle as of March 29th
I decided on Friday that instead of working on socks, I would pick up and work on the hardanger that hasn't seen a lot of time lately.  Part of the reason for not working on my hardanger was I was waiting for me new glasses to be ready so that I could see the holes in the fabric a lot easier.  Yes, the threads that I have used for checking that things matched are still in place.  Some will be coming out really soon but want to wait until I have a bit more done.

Dream Castle as of March 30th
It really didn't take me too long to see a difference in the work on Dream Castle.  I am enjoying this work now that I am just filling in the different areas.  I am hoping that by the end of April I will be able to start working on the actual cutting of the threads but that will depend on work and my other things I have on the go.

My sock knitting does continue and I actually finished the rocky road jacquard sock yesterday and now just have one sock on the needles.  I know that isn't going to be for very long but yesterday just didn't have time to cast on the next sock.

Today is set as a work day for me so will see what I can get accomplished once all the work is finished for the day.

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It is looking good!