Saturday, June 23, 2012

10 Michaels in 12 hours

Here is the start of my blog for today. Will format this better later. Now here is how today works, I have 12 hours to make it to 10 Michaels. Besides going into each of the store I need to be in the store a minimum of 15 minutes and end up with a receipt for something. Store 1 - Billy Bishop Way Arrived shortly before 9 so had to wait for store to open. After the people in a rush got in I took my time and enjoyed looking around. It's going to be interesting to see what I see in each store. Not all stores carry the same stock. on way to Dixie. Store 2 - Dixie Outlet Mall Another stop and picked up a bit more stuff that I wanted to get. It's a lot of fun seeing peoples faces when I say what we are doing today. This store enjoyed hearing our plans. 2 stores in under two hours so things are going pretty well. Now the next store is a bit of a drive. Off to Airport Rd and Highway 7. Store 3 - Airport Rd and Highway This store had different things on sale but I was good and continued to pick up the pieces that I needed. We are having fun on this drive as the weather is nice out. Now off to Weston Rd and 7. The blogging will continue all day as we are between stores. Thank goodness for mobile devices. Store 4 -Weston Rd and Highway 7 Had a nice walk and look around the store. I was good and avoided the yarn that was on sale. See I am trying to behave on this trip and not add to my yarn stash. We are now heading north to Barrie to go to that store and then will start the trip south and east. DH is being great and making sure of food and drinks along the eay. So far breakfast and coffee along the way. Lunch may be in Barrie but will see once we are up there. Store 5 - Mapleview and 400 (Barrie) This now means we are at the half way mark of our trip. Finished shopping in the Barrie store and it's just afer 1 pm so we are making good time. We haven't stopped for lunch yet but think we will in Bradford before going to Newmarket store. Traffic on the 400 was a little heavy but not bad. Now heading back south. Store 6 - Green Lane and Yonge St Had a good walk and found some buttons for biscornus while looking around. They were on clearance and one package I had been looking for. We are now heading towards the Elgin Mills and 404 store. As I am writing this we are driving by a friend's street. Hi Marie, sorry we couldn't stop this time. Will plan a visit soon with you and will bring wine. Store 7 - Eglin Mills and 404 So this store meant we were going to achieve our goal today based on time. Again basically forgot how long I was in the store and it was over 20 minutes. Lots of looking and comparing stores. Store 8 - woodbine and Highway 7 This store I don't normally go to as it's on the part of Highway 7 thatis extremely busy. Again gots vits and this time for some scissor fobs that I want to make. We are now heading out to Oshawa for those two stores and then we are done. I admit that coffee was needed after store 8. Thisnhas been a challenge because some parts of the stores look the same so can't remember which store I'm in. So Harmony Rd is next. Store 9 - Harmony Rd So I wasn't good in this store as I did find some yarn with glitter in it on sale. I guess now I have a project to make a shawl for myself with it. Heading to Thickson and 401 and that is the last store and it's just 5:40. Store 10 - Thickson and 401 after walking out of this store with more supplies for my scissor fobs I can say we did it and in under 9 and a half hours. Have to admit that I am now tired and looking forward to a nice and relaxing dinner. Yes, DH is buying. Will neither format this post tonight or tomorrow. Need energy first. Bye for now.

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ChaosAdventurer said...

There was still plenty of time for more stores out in the west end, but somebody was Michaeled out. Perhaps next time we go for 14 :)