Monday, June 25, 2012

10 Michaels in 12 hours - formated with extra comments

Here is the start of my blog for today. New comments will be in blue so you can see what has been added besides this post now being formatted.

Now here is how today works, I have 12 hours to make it to 10 Michaels.  Besides going into each of the store I need to be in the store a minimum of 15 minutes and end up with a receipt for something. (10 receipts were collected, one from each store)

Store 1 - Billy Bishop Way
Arrived shortly before 9 so had to wait for store to open. After the people in a rush got in I took my time and enjoyed looking around. Had lots of energy at this point and figured it would be an easy day. It's going to be interesting to see what I see in each store. Not all stores carry the same stock. on way to Dixie.

Store 2 - Dixie Outlet Mall
Another stop and picked up a bit more stuff that I wanted to get. It's a lot of fun seeing peoples faces when I say what we are doing today. This store enjoyed hearing our plans. 2 stores in under two hours so things are going pretty well. Now the next store is a bit of a drive. Off to Airport Rd and Highway 7.

Store 3 - Airport Rd and Highway 7
This store had different things on sale but I was good and continued to pick up the pieces that I needed. We are having fun on this drive as the weather is nice out. Now off to Weston Rd and Highway 7. The blogging will continue all day as we are between stores. Thank goodness for mobile devices.  Having my iPad and my mobile internet connection meant that I was able to blog while in the car.

Store 4 -Weston Rd and Highway 7
Had a nice walk and look around the store. I was good and avoided the yarn that was on sale. See I am trying to behave on this trip and not add to my yarn stash. We are now heading north to Barrie to go to that store and then will start the trip south and east. DH is being great and making sure of food and drinks along the way. So far breakfast and coffee along the way. Lunch may be in Barrie but will see once we are up there.

The trip up to Barrie was nice and relaxing and we took the back roads part of the way and then only when the back roads would take us too far out of our way did we take the 400.
Store 5 - Mapleview and 400 (Barrie)
This now means we are at the half way mark of our trip. Finished shopping in the Barrie store and it's just after 1 pm so we are making good time. We haven't stopped for lunch yet but think we will in Bradford before going to Newmarket store. Traffic on the 400 was a little heavy but not bad. Now heading back south.

Decided to actually stop and sit and have lunch instead of eating in the car.  My energy level was starting to decrease so figured it might help recharge the battery.  It did a bit but not for too long.

Store 6 - Green Lane and Yonge St 
Had a good walk and found some buttons for biscornus while looking around. They were on clearance and one package I had been looking for. After being in a few Michaels it was great seeing someone that I recognized from the Newmarket Store.  This helped me remember which store I was in.  We are now heading towards the Elgin Mills and 404 store. As I am writing this we are driving by a friend's street. Hi Marie, sorry we couldn't stop this time. Will plan a visit soon with you and will bring wine.

Again we decided to take the back roads instead of just heading down the 404.  The speed is slower but we are enjoying it a lot more.  Yes we probably could have done more store if we only did highway but that wasn't the purpose of this.   While on the drive to the Elgin store I realized that I needed a coffee but knew that with two stores very close together I would wait until after store 8.

Store 7 - Elgin Mills and 404
So this store meant we were going to achieve our goal today based on time. Again basically forgot how long I was in the store and it was over 20 minutes. Lots of looking and comparing stores. Thank goodness DH was writing down the times we got to each store and left each store.  At this point my brain was getty foggy.

Store 8 - Woodbine and Highway 7 
This store I don't normally go to as it's on the part of Highway 7 that is extremely busy. Again got parts of things and this time for some scissor fobs that I want to make. We are now heading out to Oshawa for those two stores and then we are done. I admit that coffee was needed after store 8. This has been a challenge because some parts of the stores look the same so can't remember which store I'm in. So Harmony Rd is next.

DH got me a coffee while I was shopping in the Woodbine store and was very happy to have it for the next part of the drive.  Back roads are so nice and it gave me time to write each part of the blog as well as relax some.

Store 9 - Harmony Rd
So I wasn't good in this store as I did find some yarn with glitter in it on sale. I guess now I have a project to make a shawl for myself with it. One lady had a good laugh because as I went to pay she asked if my husband was the guy asleep in the car in the parking lot.  She was joking as she had seen us arrive and enjoying watching DH relax while I headed into the store.  Heading to Thickson and 401 and that is the last store and it's just 5:40.

Store 10 - Thickson and 401
After walking out of this store with more supplies for my scissor fobs I can say we did it and in under 9 and a half hours. Have to admit that I am now tired and looking forward to a nice and relaxing dinner. Yes, DH is buying. Need energy first. Bye for now.

Extra comments since original post:
At one of the store there was a little boy looking at the drawing pencils.  He was having problems deciding what pencils he wanted so I helped him pick them out.  After the big smile from him and the thanks I knew I had helped someone during my trip.

Did notice that there are clear differences between the stores.  Items on clearance vary per store and even clearance prices can be different.  In some cases an item was on clearance in one store and regular price in another.  I know that it depends on the turnover of product per store so wasn't surprised to see this.

This trip was about 350 kilometers and it turned out to be a very nice drive.  I think taking the back roads when we could really helped both of us.  The trip wasn't just to see how many Michaels we could shop at in one day it was a chance for the two of us to spend some time together and enjoy seeing things around us.  I know we could have done more stores if we had of really pushed it but that wasn't the idea.  Now I just need to know someone else was able to get to 14 or 15 stores in a day before DH suggests we do that.

Sorry for the delay in updating this post but after Saturday I took yesterday to just curl up and craft and do things that were different.  I didn't have the energy to try and work on this post and actually be able to write clean comments.  

Hope you had fun reading about my Saturday.  Would I do it again, probably but not for a while.


Silverlotus said...

It sounds like you had lots of fun!

groovething said...

thanks for making Michaels a part of your blog writing and crafting experience! I am the assistant manager in the Dinxie Mall store and my associate who cashed you out was so excited to hear all about your project that she called me to her desk to brag about your adventure so here I am....better late than never :-)
please come and visit us again!!