Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weekend getaway and July results

view from door (zoomed in)
 Last weekend we actually took some time off and went away to visit some friends which was great.  The hotel was studio rooms so we had a small kitchen as well as a love seat and desk.

I was able to get a bit of crafting done on the drive to and from Sudbury and also a bit done while we were there.

Now the picture is what we saw when we walked into our hotel room which of course made me laugh and made husband sigh.  It was a view that we saw all weekend long (5 nights) and I did make it over to the store three times in the weekend but have to admit I only ended up purchasing some sketching paper while I was there.

better view from window

So besides the view I was able to work on some of my projects that I wanted to get done in July and have some good results which I am happy about.  During the month of July, I completed 26 items which are:
     9 - children's hats
     3 - scarves
     2 - shawls (one was given to the hostess of the weekend)
     3 - baby hats
     5 - pairs of children's mittens
     3 - pairs of thumbless mittens
     1 - sweater (size 2)

So I am looking around now and figuring out what projects I want to finish during August so that by the time September rolls around I will have a few items ready for the neighbourhood office when they call.

Off to work on a couple of items this evening and will see what gets done.

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