Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crafting and life

Yes I am around and crafting some but have to admit that I haven't taken any pictures for a while of what I am working on.  I guess you can only take so many pictures of mittens and hats as that is what I am still working on.

Yesterday I had a bit of a panic attack when I realized that I have been crafting lots this summer but really didn't have any idea what I had accomplished and didn't know what mitten and hat sets I had done.  So yesterday morning I decided to sit down and empty the box and bag where I was storing all my charity stitching and organize it.  Now I know what I have completed and even know the hats that still need the matching mittens completed.  It was a nice feeling to see that I did have quite a few sets completed but they just needed to be matched up.  Now all of the items are in the boxes ready to go and a list of everything has been made.

On a different note I am working on a shawl for a friend so once it's completed I will take a picture of it as it's turning out really nice.  I do want to get this shawl finished so that I can mail it off before the weather gets cool as this friend wants to use it during the fall and winter to keep her shoulders warm.

Well off to work on a pair of mittens and will see what else I get accomplished over the next few days.

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Silverlotus said...

Glad to see a post from you. Hope your summer has been going well. And yay! for getting so many hats and mitts done.