Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Crafting in September

I know that I posted that I will be entering a competition for my crafts at the end of September and today I actually submitted my entry form.

I am now a little stressed as I entered 14 items and still don't have a lot of them completed so going to be extremely busy for the rest of the month getting everything done in time. I know that I can get some of the items finished without a problem but some of the other items are outside my comfort zone so they are going to be the challenge.

I decided to decorate a clay flower pot and a cloth bag which are both different for me so will see how they actually turn out. I know if I sit down and work on each of these items I can get them done but it's just sitting down and doing them that seems to be a problem right now. I keep thinking of all the different knitting and crocheting projects that I would rather be working on.

I have made myself a promise and that is I will get at least 13 of the items finished so now to spend the next almost three weeks working on these items and forgetting about all the other items that are currently sitting partly done or on the to do list. Well it's time that I turn my attention back to my items that need to be finished instead of sitting at my computer.

I will try and update later in the month on my progress but it may not be until the items have actually been submitted that I find the time to sit back down and write.

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