Monday, February 2, 2009

Finally completing projects

I guess I just needed a day to sit and start sewing things together. Today I finally decided to sit down and work on finishing some of the projects that I knit in January. I am slowing making progress which is making me feel a little better. I think I still need a couple more days like this to get everything sewn together but at least I have started.

I am hoping that by the end of this week I will have a lot of the projects sewn together that I have started. As I said at the end of last month this month should be a good month for getting things onto the completed list.

Today I was also able to get some crocheting done on a baby afghan that I have had on the go for a while. It isn't going as fast as I would like but at least a few rows at a time will help. If I can get this baby afghan completed soon it will make me feel good as I think I have had it on the go for about four months now.

I am hoping that this week I can start working on a baby sweater using granny squares. This pattern is one that I used a few years ago and last week I found it again in a book what I looked at while visiting my parents. Now if I can see how it looks using a little different yarn I may end up making more of them but that will have to wait.

Now to get back to sewing things together so that I can get a few bags emptied so that I can start filling them up again but next time I won't fill them as full before sewing things together.

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