Monday, February 26, 2018

A week of Olympics and stitching

Swan - Feb 18
It is another week and the closing ceremonies for the Winter Olympics have now been done.  The Olympics for me are a great time to spend most evenings sitting in front of the television and stitching and that is what I have been doing.

Swan - Feb 21
Swan - once again Swan was the project that got a lot of attention this week as I was able to work on it 5 evenings so that was great.  I have put three pictures up this time as I had to move the fabric as I have finished the reflection of both Swans so needed to move it so that I could now start working on the other main Swan.

Swan - Feb 25
 The second Swan is coming along pretty quickly and I have already been able to get to the stitch part of the neck of it and now see the top of the design so that made me very happy.  I am going to continue to work on this piece as I really do want to get it finished before the end of April so will see if that is possible.
Temperature - Feb 18

Temperature - Feb 22
 Temperature - I didn't work a lot on this piece this week but I was able to get all the rows stitched up to and including the 20th of February so that is great.  It was a lot of fun working on it this past week as I was able to add a bright colour which means that we had a temperature over 15C for one day.  Now to see when I will be adding that bright yellow again because it does look nice.  I have also seen that I don't have as many of the really cold colours and right now that makes me feel great.  I am not a winter person so seeing some of the warmer colours start to appear makes me feel good.

Linen and Threads Mystery SAL '17 - Feb 18
Linen and Threads Mystery SAL '17 - I have worked on this piece a bit this week and was getting two threads done for the first three days and then this project was put down and I haven't worked on it since Wednesday evening.

Linen and Threads Mystery SAL '17 - Feb 21

Linen and Threads Squirrel  Feb 25
I know that I will be able to pick up this piece at different times and it is going to be used as a filler project when I have finished each month of the Linen and Threads Mystery SAL '18 piece.  I know that this week we will be getting the next section for the current year and I am looking forward to seeing what it looks like and will see how much time I will have in March to work on the 2017 piece.

Linen and Threads Squirrels - this is a new start this week and it is from the same company that is doing the Mystery SAL.  This piece really isn't too big and I have been having some fun stitching on it.  This is what got my attention this week and where my two threads of floss have been going. The design was released when the Facebook group for Linen and Threads reached 10,000 members and I looked at it and decided that I had to stitch it and now to see when I will be getting it finished.

Most evenings I was able to find a bit of time to sit and stitch while watching some of the Olympics events.  I did find that I couldn't stitch during the Ice Dancing competition because that is where mistakes were made.  I was able to stitch during hockey and bobsleigh without an issue so that helped me get projects worked on this past week.  I am now going to make sure that I can continue to find a bit of time most evenings and on the weekend to do some stitching as I am happy with the progress that I have been seeing over the last while.

It is now time for me to get to work and see what I can get done during the day today so that hopefully I will have a bit of time to relax and stitch this evening.  Hopefully if you watched the Olympics you also got some stitching done.

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