Monday, June 19, 2017

Progress and a couple new projects

Growf - June 10
 Here it is another week and yes I have been able to get some stitching in and that made me very happy.

Growf -- here is a project that I am having some fun with and that is Growf.  This week I started to add some colour to him and I also continued with the outlining that I need to do.
Growf - June 18

This project is moving along quickly and it is great when I can see some of the areas finished quickly.  I am going to continue working on this design as I would like to see it finished soon. I still have some more outlining to do and then the filling in needs to be completed but once the outline is done it makes the filling in go quickly.

Lady - June 10
Lady -- This project got a little bit of attention this week and it was because I wanted to get some of the cloak outlined so that I know where I need to work on the one colour for a while.  I like having a couple of projects that I know where I can just fill in a colour.

Lady - June 13

The filling in on the various projects works will when I am sitting outside on the balcony or when I am sitting with a group of friends and stitching.  I hope that Lady will get a bit more attention this week as I would like to see if I could get some more of the outlining completed on her so then I can start working on her face and some of the areas that need more attention.

Project envelope - open
Project envelopes -- here is a project that quickly happened. I saw this idea on a youtube video and liked the idea of having a case for my projects.  The envelope is a great way to keep a project all organized as well as neat and tidy way of having them out.

Project envelope
The original idea was for a project envelope to hold your floss and pattern and your fabric.  I liked that idea but considering when I am not working on a project I have them in plastic envelopes I didn't need something for that stage.  I needed a case for when I was working on the project and there are on the frames that they are going to be staying on for a while. It was after watching a second video where they were talking about project envelopes that I realized that yes I needed to make some but large enough to hold the project when it on the frame.

Now the project envelopes aren't really hard to make as they are just two pieces of fabric sewn together and then folded to make an envelope.  I have made two envelopes so far and have fabric to make a few more because i would like an envelope for all of my current projects so that they are all organized and tidy.

Grime Guards
 Grime Guards -- now here is a quick project that I also did this last week.  There are grime guards and are used to cover the frame you are holding when you are stitching.  The guards that I made this last week fit my 11 x 11 inch frame and my 11 x 17 inch frame and I have fabric to make some guards for my scroll bars as well.

I have enjoyed both of my sewing projects and am looking forward to getting some more sewing done in the  not too distant future.  I just need to cut out the various projects and then I will be ready to sit and sew a bunch of things.

This last week was a fun but busy week and it looks like the next two weeks are going to be just as busy.  I hope to be able to find some time to stitch this week as I am looking forward to seeing how much more progress I can make on either Growf or Lady.  Until then I have some work that needs my attention so I am going to do that and then see what time I have left where I can curl up and stitch.

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