Monday, May 29, 2017

Moving forward slowly

Twisted Rainbow Sampler - May 17
Here it is another week and I can actually say that I made a bit of progress on a couple of pieces which is better than I originally thought that I was going to be able to do.

Twisted Rainbow Sampler - this piece did get one evening worth of stitching done on it and I am happy with the progress that I was able to make.  I have finished the first butterfly and have changed colour, which is hard to see in this picture.  I have started on the first border and so far I am liking this pattern.  I am going to have to figure out how I am going to be stitching this piece as it is a diagonal pattern for reach of the colours.  I am thinking that I might be starting to work along the bottom of the piece so that I can be moving the fabric up as I finish sections of the pattern and not just moving it to work on a specific colour.
Twisted Rainbow Sampler - May 23

I am going to see if I can get an evening to work on this piece again this week because it is nice when I can see some results and haven't spent lots of time working on the piece.  The fabric that I am using is an overdyed grey and hopefully it will start to show up in the picture a little better once I have more of the pattern stitched.

Joyful World - June - here is a piece that I was really wanted to get finished before the month of June was on the calendar.  I have been working on this design a bit at a time but have to admit that June seemed to take me forever to stitch.
Joyful World - June - May 22

I am not sure what the reason for the slow progress on this piece but I am happy now to be able to say that I got June finished last night so now I can start working on July soon and hopefully get it finished as well before the calendar says July.

Joyful World - June - May 28
I am thinking that the piece took so long to finish or at least seemed to take a long time because I put it down in April and it wasn't until late May before I picked it up again.  I have decided that when it comes to the smaller designs I am going to try and get them done a little quicker because then I don't hit the point of wondering when they are going to be finished.

Tiger Lily - May 4
Tiger Lily - now this is a piece that I haven't been spending much time on at all.  I started it in August of last year and it got some good attention early on and then it ended up sitting without much progress.

I am not sure how much more progress I am going to be getting on this piece right now as I have a couple of other projects that are calling me to work on.  I am thinking that this is a project that will get bits of work done when I am in the mood to work on it.  I am going to be keeping it in my current projects because I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
Tiger Lily - May 27

Other projects - now besides trying to spend some time on my cross-stitching I have had another project that has been taking some of my time over the last week.  The project that I started and hope to have finished this week is making curtains for the apartment.  We have vertical blinds in all the windows but I wanted to have a change so we found some fabric that we both liked and I have been making curtains for all the windows over the last week.  I am now on the home stretch with only 3 more curtains to make. I did cheat on one section of curtains and bought some lace curtains and they needed to be shortened.  The home stretch seemed a long way off a while ago when I realized that there were 18 sections of curtains that needed to be made, not counting the lace curtains. Having rooms with wide windows means we have had to put up four panels for each of the 10 foot windows. 

This has been a project that I have been enjoying doing because it will change the appearance of all the rooms. I hope to have the remaining curtains finished within the next couple of days and then I will be able to see them all up and covering the windows.

Well it is now time for me to get some work done so that I can focus on getting some time for myself this evening.  I hope to be able to find a bit of time to stitch this evening but that is going to wait until the other three curtains have been made.

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