Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekly progress and a finish

Lady - Feb 28th
This last week I decided that I was going to focus on getting Lady finished so that I would have a finish.  I really didn't have a lot of stitching left to do after last weekend but it did take me a bit of time this week to get it done.

Lady is now finished and I am going to be able to start working on another piece that I would like to get finished soon.  It feels good seeing this piece completed as I started it in September 2015.

Lady - Mar 4th - Finished
Of course after finishing Lady off I couldn't be sitting without another project on the go so I picked up one of my kitted pieces and started another project.
Growf - Mar 4th

This weekend was busier than normal so I wasn't able to spend the time crafting that I had hoped for.

Growf was started on Friday evening and now to see when it will get attention again.  I know that this week I am going to pick up a previously started project and see if I can get some more of it completed as I would like to see it also finished before the end of March if possible.

My crafting schedule really varies as it depends on the work that I need to get done and how long it takes me to get it completed.  Also conferences and webinars take some of my time so if those are part of the day it means that work gets moved to the evening so that I can stay on top of everything.

I am still working on crocheted baby hats but they aren't even going as quickly as they have.  Maybe now that the nicer weather is coming I will be able to get back to stitching a little more than I have. 

Bluenose Dime doesn't have an update picture this week as it was left untouched for the entire week but I will see what I can do this week as I would also like to get some progress on it as well before too long.

It is now time to get some work done as this week looks like it is going to be busy.  Will see what crafting time I will be able to find.

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