Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Car seat blanket

Car seat blanket - Nov 20th
As promised here is a picture of the car seat blanket that I finished on the weekend.  It was a very quick knit which was great.   The pattern called for worsted weight yarn so that I what I used and it also asked quick which really got my attention.

Car seat blanket - Nov 23rd.
I started this blanket on Thursday evening while watching TV and I finished knitting it on Saturday afternoon while watching curling.  It sure didn't take very long at all to make it and the pattern turned out really nice.  I still need to block it a bit but at least it is finished.

The yarn I am using for this blanket is the yarn that was left over from the shawl that I made for myself.  I had almost 300 grams left so figured that I wanted to use it up quickly.  The first blanket is now done and I still have enough to make another blanket so it is now on the needles. 

It is great when I can have a couple of items ready for when I hear someone is expecting or has had a baby.  These car seat blankets will go into that area where all those items are kept and ready for when that call or email comes in.

The blanket is now sitting in the living room waiting to be worked on but right now there is other work that needs to be completed first.

Another day and hopefully I can make a bit of progress on my to-do-list.

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