Monday, March 10, 2014

Cirque des cercles progress

Cirque des cercles - March 1
On March 1st I said I was going to put Cirque des cercles by Ink Circles back on the scroll bars and that is exactly what I did.  As you can see I had some of the circles outlined by then and my goal was to get all of the circles outlined before the end of March.

Cirque des cercles - March 8th
The good news is it didn't take me the entire month of March to get the circles outlined it actually only took me a week.  Once I sat down and started working on the piece again it seems to go pretty quickly which was great.  You can also see little bits that I did when I had just enough thread left in my need to do a small amount of stitching.

Cirque des cercles - March 10th
Once all the circles were outlined I wanted to start getting things filled in because I wanted to see what it looked like.  Now, I have been meaning to take a couple of days to myself where I just did what I wanted and didn't think too much about work or anything else.  Saturday both DH and I decided that yesterday and today were going to be those days.  See scheduling them to far ahead usually means that something comes up and I lose the days that I have selected.

Yesterday I got up and picked up cirque des cercles and worked on it for part of yesterday. I saw some progress and was happy with it.  Today I got up and once again picked up cirque des cercles and worked on it some more.  Now you can see what I actually completed in a couple of days.  The fabric is 25 count even weave and I am doing this piece over one thread.  Tomorrow it's a day to get back to work so there won't be too much stitching done. 

I am really glad that I took these two days to sit and relax and do something that I wanted to do.  Emails where basically ignored today so now to see what I need to work on tomorrow but that will be done in the morning.  Cirque des cercles will not be far away from my spot where I stitch so will see when it calls to me again to put some more stitches in it.


Silverlotus said...

It is looking really good!

D1-D2 said...

Nice update. I like this shade of blue.

mybearsnme said...

love it - wonderful!