Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I know I haven't been writing for a while and that is because I have been very busy with work so put my crafting aside so that I could get the work done.

This weekend I ran into something that really bothered me so am going to write about it here.  I was shopping at a craft store on Saturday and rounded a corner only to almost fall over a box that was stock that was being put onto shelves.  The box was only about 8 inches high so of course something that most of us wouldn't see while walking around a store.  How many of us walk around looking at our feet?  Of course, I tripped over the box only to be told that I should watch where I am walking.  That comment was made by a staff member and possibly the manager.  A lot of the stores when stocking shelves have a cart that they put in the area so that people can see something and avoid the area. 

Now, this wasn't the only time I ran into an issue this week. We went to a different store, same chain and I found that I couldn't look at the knitting needles or crochet hooks because they had a bunch of shopping carts blocking this section.  The shopping carts were full of product that was going to be put in a different section.  Why do they think that someone on a Sunday wouldn't be trying to buy stuff.  After moving to the next aisle I ran into one of the wheeled step ladders blocking the end of the aisle. 

Yes, I am very frustrated because it seems that the yarn and needles get blocked way too often because there is product that needs to be put in other sections.  Now if the stuff belongs in the other sections block part of that section instead of blocking the yarn section.

Thank goodness I have a nice yarn store that I go to where I don't have issues of tripping over stock.  The staff is also very friendly and helpful.  I now will be going back to Sew 'N Knit when I need some yarn, needles or hooks and avoid the frustrations that I had this weekend.

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