Friday, November 9, 2012

A 3 Knight Night

The Red Knight (our knight)
The Green Knight with me
So yes I have been busy with work over the last few days but last night we decided it was time for an evening out and away from work.  I have to say it was a great evening as we went to Medieval Times in Toronto.  The show was a new performance so it was an excellent evening of food, and entertainment.

Of course after the show all the performers are out and about and willing to have photos taken.  There are 6 knights and other performers but I am just showing you the Knights that I liked from last nights show.  

The Blue Knight with me
The Blue Knight was my favourite from the show last night (too bad he wasn't our knight) and he had a great personality and enjoyed hamming it up for the camera as well.  The picture of just him was taken as we were leaving the show and he was standing there alone and of course once he saw the camera I got the big smile from him.

So yes I had a 3 Knight Night last night and then went home with my guy and snuggled up with him and knew I had the best guy.

The Blue Knight

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