Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Sparkle Magic Needlecase - Sunday
 I have added a bit of sparkle into my cross-stitching over the last couple of days.  Today I decided it was a day to hide from the world and do a bit of stitching and that it exactly what I did.

Sparkle Magic Needlecase - stitching completed
The project that I wanted to get completed was "Sparkle Magic Needlecasae" by Jennifer Aikman-Smith.   Now all I need to do is put a bit of interfacing on the back of it and assemble it into the needlecase and it's completed.

So now that this project is completed it's time to look at the other projects that I started at Creativ and see what I will work on next.

I haven't been able to do a lot of stitching lately because work has been keeping me busy.  Sure can't complain when it's work that is keeping me busy.  Now I am going to try and work on a knitting project for the rest of the evening and will see what I do tomorrow.