Monday, August 13, 2012

Hearing the words "Thank You"

Baby hats
As a crafter I do a lot of things for charity and hearing the words "Thank you" mean so much and they are really appreciated.  Over the August long weekend I was able to deliver three bags of baby hats and a couple of small blankets to a hospital that needed hats.  Normally I give the hats to a friend and he does the delivery for me but he wanted me to do it myself this time.

I am so happy that he told me to do the delivery while we were in Sudbury myself.  Hearing the words "Thank you" and seeing the reaction to the hats really does make a difference.  Of course after dropping off all the hats that I had with me, I had to start making some more for the next time we can coordinate a delivery.  Knowing that the hats and blankets are appreciated really makes it worth my time.  I love making the hats as they give me something to do while sitting as a passenger in a car or even while waiting for dinner to cook, etc.

So hearing the words "Thank you" may seem very small but those two words do make a big difference.  Knowing your effort is appreciated can really help motivate someone to continue what they are doing.

Now before it gets too much later it's time for me to try and relax for a few minutes and think of what my next yarn is going to be for the hats.

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