Monday, May 7, 2012

Looking for trilliums, found butterflies

Yesterday we had a very nice adventure. As I cannot do a lot of my crafts my DH decided that we should go for a drive and enjoy the nice weather.

The trillium (flower of Ontario) is currently in bloom so we decided we would go and try and see some in the wild. The weather was perfect so off we went in search of seeing trilliums. It didn't take long for us to see some trilliums in some wooded areas. Of course once we saw some we had to continue and see how many areas of them we could see. Trilliums are a little hard to see when driving but it was a lot of fun looking in the areas by the road to find small patches of them. Sometimes we were very lucky and found larger patches of the white flower hidden in the shade of some trees or in valleys that have not been developed.

Along the way we discovered another part of nature which resulted in me laughing. We founds thousands and thousands of butterflies darting all over as we drove. The name of the butterfly was the Viceroy which looks like a Monarch butterfly but smaller. These butterflies were dancing all over and some were flying by the windows and some sadly hide the windows.

Normally you see a few butterflies at a time but yesterday I couldn't believe how many we saw. Seeing these beautiful creatures fly by made me smile and even laugh. Enjoying the beauty that nature holds made me feel so much better yesterday as it gave me some time to forget about the crafts that I currently have problems doing.

Millions and millions of trilliums and thousands and thousands of butterfies, what a great day.

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