Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Finishing projects

I have finally started to finish up some projects so am feeling a little better about things right now.

Curly Scarf

This is a crocheted scarf that I just finished and can't wait to make more of these as they are so much fun to work on.  Yes still trying to use up my yarn stash so finding projects that are quick to complete make me feel wonderful.

I continue to work on the other projects that I have on the go and hope to see some results from them very soon.  Nothing major but have decided that it's time to put a bit of my effort towards myself for a while instead of towards everyone else.

I know that some people may be a little upset to hear this but for so many years I have put everyone else first and have forgotten about me.  I am not going to give up my charity work but am going to start thinking of other items I want to finish.  Also if I am going to compete at Markham Fair again next year I need to start thinking of those categories so that I am not working on them at the last minute.

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Silverlotus said...

Good for you! It is important to help others, but it is also important to help ourselves.