Monday, July 5, 2010

Crafting and Heat

I have to admit that crafting and heat do not go together too well. This is the third day of extreme heat and now they are saying it's going to be hot until at least Friday and it's only Monday. I am trying to craft but have to admit that not having air conditioning in our entire place makes it difficult.

Today I had a chance to meet up with a fellow crafter and thanks so much for the yarn. It is now in my to use pile and I hope to use the green yarn soon. The green yarn will be used to make a small baby blanket in the near future.

I have been working on some small projects later as trying anything that touches my legs just doesn't work. I am also trying to craft outdoors a bit more so it means projects that are easy to move and therefore need to be small.

The cross-stitch that I want to finish is still not started so I guess once the weather cools off a bit I should actually pick it up and get it done. That also means that I need to start it but hopefully it won't take too long to finish.

If you are dealing with this heat, take care and remember don't over do it.

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