Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back to crafting

The last week I have been very busy working on projects that I got at the Creative Festival last week. It is so nice wanting to craft again as I haven't really wanted to do it for quite a while.

Last week I attended the Creative Festival and took 12 classes. The classes ranged from Quilting to Cross-Stitch. I had never quilted before so it was a lot of fun learning on to back both the 9 patch block and the friendship block, now to just finish a baby afghan using the squares that I made last week. I also took a couple of knitting classes, one which was about alternative fibers so got to see what bamboo, corn, seaweed and flex fibers are like before they are spun into yarn. Now to just spin the fibers that I go so that I can use them.

My other 8 classes were different versions of cross-stitch which I did enjoy. I took a class on Bargello and it was great and I should have that project done very soon and will post a picture of it once it's completed. The other classes were just fun classes using specialty stitches and knowing the instructors meant it was fun. Some of the classes were with Jennifer Aikman-Smith and the other one's were with Teresa Wentzler.

I am going to be keeping myself busy for the next little while trying to get some of the classes finished. I am hoping to get some of the items done so that I can post pictures of them very soon.

Well off to work on my Bargello piece so that I can get it finished.

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